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Science and Engineering Practices
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Good NGSS Background Materials and Video

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Lesson Plan Ideas (BetterLesson)
Find lessons through Core Ideas, Practices and Cross Cutting Concepts
STEMscopes: NGSS Unit Guides and Materials
Pinterest Next Gen Page
The Inquiry Project (Grades 3-5)
NGSS Science Classroom Activities
A decent bank of "testable questions"
Science Buddies
Lesson plans exploring NGSS
Science A-Z
More lesson plans
Seimen Science Day Activities
Weebly - Great Planning Site

5th Grade Earth Science Resources

LHS Science Unit Google Doc Unit Layout
NASA sun activities
Grav force is down
Gravity and It's Effects
Video: Lego Reconstruction of Skydive from space
Gravitational Force Lessons
Brightness and Relative Distance Lessons
5-ESS1-2 Lessons
TES - earth space videos by topic
Space Science Interative

Carrie Boyden Better Lessons Unit (11 Lessons)

Planning Materials

Elementary Order Form
Units of study planning template
Kindergarten Weather and Climate Topic Arrangement
Grade 1 Light and Sound Topic Arrangement
Grade 2 Structure and Properties of Matter Topic Arrangement
Grade 3 Weather and Climate Topic Arrangement
Grade 4 Engineering Design via Earth’s Systems Topic Arrangement
Grade 5 Space Systems Topic Arrangement